online supplement - exhibition live in palestine

Welcome to the online supplement of the exhibition Live in Palestine

september 24 – octobre 24 2020 (suspended COVID-19)

This exhibition brings together performance work that asks the viewer to consider how bodies, actions and images produce meaning in particular geopolitical spaces. Showcasing prominent and emerging contemporary artists currently living and working in Palestine, Live in Palestine focuses on work that combines performative practices with political engagement, addressing some of the complexities of living in occupied Palestine.

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Along this exhibition, you will have the choice to navigate by following the buttons at the bottom of each screen (the orange horizontal bar at the bottom of the page), or to use the navigation menu (square icons) located on the left edge of your screen.

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Online Exhibition Supplement Credits


Anna Khimasia (Los Angeles)
Stefan St-Laurent (Gatineau)
Rehab Nazzal (Bethlehem)

MAI’s team

Michael Toppings
— artistical and executive director

Anthony Plagnes Payá
— chief communications officer, online exhibition supplement conception

Marie-Charlotte Castonguay-Harvey
— production coordinator

In collaboration with

Paul Litherland
photo and video artist

Live in Palestine was initiated at the Art & Resistance conference in Dar al-Kalima University (Bethlehem). Organized by AXENÉO7 in partnership with DAÏMÔN (Gatineau) and A Space Gallery (Toronto).

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