bijuriya + hercusleaze and many more!

February 16th, 2023

3 Queer Happenings / The Queerdo Love Cabaret

photo: Kinga Michalska

Tiotia:ke / Mooniyang / Montreal


February 16, 2023: 8:00pm – doors at 7:30pm

Hosted by Bijuriya and HercuSleaze, a cabaret of queerdo excellence! Featuring Manny Dingo, Miami Minx, Phoenix Inana, Uncle Marly, Ad’horrible, Jaqq Strapp and La Roseline, Kajol and Korra AnarchKey.

and many more! Come happen with us.


  • Bijuriya, a drag artist and musician, inspired by her South Asian culture and appreciated for her proud, festive, wacky, and critical outlook on Bollywood and other elements of Desi culture!
  • HercuSleaze, Canada’s most recognized drag king—both as a contestant on season 1 of OutTV’s “Call Me Mother,” and from his Instagram—one of the top ten drag king accounts in the world!
  • Phoenix Inana, an Egyptian performance artist whose work strives to represent North African spirituality and identity, as well as queering and reclaiming bellydance arts from the grip of Western orientalism!
  • Uncle Marly, whose performances thematise body love, empowerment, gender bending, and sexuality, whilst showcasing their Afro-Caribbean roots!
  • Ad’horrible, a Chinese non-binary drag artist, who has confused audiences internationally – because of the one time they went to Ohio. They aim to show the weirder and spookier side of drag while dismantling preconceived ideas of gender in relation to drag presentation.
  • Jaqq Strapp, a filthy yank who lives for the finer things.
  • Kajol, named after the 90’s Bollywood diva, KAJOL is your not-so-regular South Asian ,musical theatre loving, queer drag creature! She uses drag to explore her hybrid identity and loves to tell stories through her performances. Said Kah-Jol. Jol…Like Jolene…Jolene, JOLene, JOLEEEEN.
  • Korra AnarchKey, here to share the spirit of alternative culture and youthful rebellion! Whether its being a rock’n’roll princess or an abstract entity, she is here to show you a different side to human reality. Are you ready for the rise of AnarchKey?
  • Manny Dingo, Hails from Haliwood, Nova Scotia. He has been performing since 2015 and recently started taking up space in Toronto. He is a powerhouse performer mixing gymnastics with vogue and waccking.
  • Miami Minx, originally from Florida, Miami Minx has been performing since 2017 in Montreal all across Canada down to South Florida. Miami often performs at burlesque cabaret The Wiggle Room and speakeasy bar Le 4eme Mur, combining classic burlesque with a dash of raunch. His exuberant stage presence and high energy result in a fire-cracker performance of sexiness, hi-glamour, and comedy.

3 Queer Happenings is a celebration of unbridled artistic expression through live music, drag, performance art, and burlesque. A mini-festival for our community to experience queer joy. Oh, and we’re throwing a ball!

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Presented as part of Queer Performance Camp, in partnership with LaChapelle Scènes contemporaines and Studio 303.

Studio 303


Hosts and performers : Bijuriya, BiG SiSSY, Uncle Marly, HercuSleaze, Pheonix Inanna
Featuring : Manny Dingo, Miami Minx, Phoenix Inana, Uncle Marly, Ad’horrible, Jaqq Strapp and La Roseline, Kajol and Korra AnarchKey.

Co-produced by MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels).