Préambule presents original video interviews highlighting the practice of artists who are part of MAI’s programming.

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October 06 to 10, 2020

Interdisciplinary artist and writer Kama La Mackerel interweaves poetry, storytelling, dance, femme tongues and broken colonial languages in a solo performance that is at once personal and political. ZOM-FAM (meaning “man-woman” or “transgender” in Mauritian Kreol) narrates the story of a gender-creative child growing up in the 80s and 90s on the plantation island of Mauritius.

ZOM-FAM is composed of coming-of-age stories of a gender-creative child growing up in the 80s and 90s on a plantation island. Multiply-voiced and imbued with complex storytelling, ZOM-FAM enunciates a multiplicity of movements within a fluid narrative that brings together ancestral voices, femme tongues, broken colonial languages and a tender queer subjectivity, all of which grapple with the legacy of plantation servitude.

September 24 to October 24, 2020

Organized by AXENÉO7 (Gatineau) in collaboration with DAIMON (Gatineau) and A Space Gallery (Toronto), Live In Palestine brings together performance work that asks the viewer to consider how bodies, actions and images produce meaning in particular geopolitical spaces.

Showcasing prominent and emerging contemporary artists currently living and working in Palestine, Live in Palestine focuses on work that combines performative practices with political engagement, addressing some of the complexities of living in occupied Palestine.

Octobre 20 to October 24, 2020

Sur ce chemin, tu es sûre de te perdre is a multidisciplinary solo, somewhere between dance, theatre and music, that plunges into a process of self-knowledge, maturation and liberation of the being.

With compositions by Alejandro Loredo, Tom Jarvis and Diana León, Sur ce chemin, tu es sûre de te perdre is a powerful evocation of the pleasure in finding one’s own rhythm, in response to those who surround and inspire us. Based on Charles Eisenstein’s text Letter to my younger self, the work explores the decisive moment that encourages us to take the personal journey that will allow us to know who we really are. During this journey, we face our demons and, if we succeed, we free ourselves from social pressures to find our voice and follow our own rhythm: compose our life song.

This work is the result of three successive collaborations between Diana León and emerging creators (Parco Ziel, Jeremy Galdeano, Vera Kvarcakova).

November 03 to 08, 2020

Created by Innu interdisciplinary artist Soleil Launière, Sheuetamᵘ is a performative and auditive installation that unfolds continuously over 5 days. The piece convenes the presence of a two-spirit being, caught in conversation with its surrounding territory and technology.
The performer-forest summons a bodily state of porosity, and in-so-doing merges with the plant beings surrounding her. Thanks to the use of experimental technology that relies on bio-data sensors, her relationship to the territory is expressed through vocal chants, sounds, and images. Interweaving the past, the present and the future, this powerful ritual-performance amplifies Indigenous presence and disrupts the narrative of capitalist and colonialist modernity. Audiences can immerse themselves in the piece at any time of the day, and come and go as they please.

November 24 to 28, 2020 (new dates)

Pomegranate, Heather Mah’s first major solo, draws a fragmented portrait of migration. By probing deep into the memory of her forebear, she brings life to the dance and the trajectory of her performance, tapping into springs of energy and images. The underlying themes emerge: isolation, solitude, suffering, opening up to others, the search for new meaning – and the choreographer bears witness to these universal preoccupations that resonate with current great migrations and global upheavals.

The artist’s purpose is not to recreate the story of a life, but to reveal its scope by linking it to the present through movement and poetic form.