screening ⏤ september 25, 2020

videos program

The program includes the North American premiere of the complete series Reflection from Palestine COVID-19, featuring short works produced by Filmlab Palestine ( and directed by some of the most renowned Palestine filmmakers working today. They welcome us into their worlds, where they share their thoughts, their fears and their anger. Presented in parallel to the exhibition Live in Palestine on September 25, 2020 by MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), in collaboration with Vidéographe, the program is followed by the performance document Majid Daiman Motawajid by Varvara Razak.


Laila Abbas

2020, 5:39

In times of lockdown, try not to sit on your glasses. Life is already blurry enough. And in Palestine, there is always something else going on.

Lifting The Mask

Najwa Najjar

2020, 4:17

As COVID-19 blinds the world and people hide behind their masks, Lifting the Mask uncovers the reality on the ground, as Israel prepares to annex more Palestinian land, this time using the pandemic as a cover.


Bilal Alkhatib

2020, 4:12

Shots that takes us from the ordinary friendly reality to a world of isolation, perplexity, and fear, to mysterious, unfamiliar, and unknown worlds.

The End Is Here

Ihab Jadallah

2020, 6:26

Lockdown, social distancing, strictly controlled neighborhoods, behind the scenes of this epidemic, a plan conceived long ago is being put in practice.

(a) live

Annemarie Jacir

2020, 1:13

(a) live is a montage of moments taken from live videos of well-known Palestinian artists in home isolation and their struggle with a changing world, with technology, and with finding ways to connect to others.

 Between Me and You

Majdi El-Omari

2020, 6:36

Between Me and You, like a journey of a day. With the help of others, a filmmaker/teacher gathers the strength and perseverance to rediscover the link he has lost with the outer world because of the effects of the quarantine.


Maha Haj

2020, 5:19

Locked down with “Eva” during the Nakba Anniversary.

One Step Backwards.. Two Steps Forward

Dima Abu Ghosh

2020, 5:36

Suddenly you discover how wonderful your restricted freedom is, how scary it is that an unknown danger surrounds you, and how fragile and beautiful this life is.

The Echo Chamber

Mohamed Harb

2020, 4:48

A surveillance camera in the corner of the room. On one side, the camera observes the days of the artists, and on the other side, it observes the news of the world through the television screen which is broadcasting the latest news about the Coronavirus crisis. The artist has assembled and edited the documentary footage into a contemporary artwork that illustrates his hope to survive.

While We Waited For You

Muayad Alayan

2020, 6:32

A short diary during the COVID-19 lockdown and confinement in Palestine by the director and his journalist wife as they await the birth of their child.

 Majid Daiman Motawajid (working title)

Varvara Razak

2020, 39:16

Majid Daiman Motawajid is a document of a 23 hour performance that reenacts the torture method used by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian prisoners from East Jerusalem. Inspired by her relative who was imprisoned and interrogated for 23 hours a day for 20 days, and forced to listen to a song called Majid, which an arabic version of the opening song of Disney’s children’s cartoon Pinocchio.

Live in Palestine a pris forme lors de la conférence Art et Résistance à l’Université de Dar al-Kalima (Bethléem). Organisée par AXENÉO7 en collaboration avec DAÏMÔN (Gatineau) et A Space Gallery (Toronto).

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