raeda saadeh

Raeda Saadeh (1977)

رائدة سعادة

Lives and work in Jerusalem

Raeda Saadeh was born in Um El Fahem and received her BFA and MFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She was the winner of the first Young Artist of the Year Award organized by the A.M.Qattan Foundation in 2000. Her work in photography, performance and video has been exhibited widely internationally in Europe and the US. Recent exhibitions include Re-Orientations at the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium); No Man’s Land at the GEMAK Museum in The Hague (Holland); In Transit at the House of World Culture in Berlin (Germany); Biennal Cuvee at OK Centre in Lens (Austria); Infr’action Festival of Performance Art in Sète (France), and About Time 2 in Kunstmuseum (Denmark).

One Day, 2013.

One Day, 2013

In One Day, Raeda Saadeh engages in the Sysiphian task of trying to move the wall that separates Israel and Palestine. Yet the title brings hope that maybe one day this might be possible.

Penelope, 2010

Publiée par Raeda Saadeh sur Lundi 30 septembre 2013
Raeda Saadeh, Penelope, 2010. © Artist's Facebook Page integration

Penelope, from her series Fairy Tales, is the heroine of Greek mythology knitting a giant ball of wool in a dreamy state, sitting on a field of ruins in Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem. This anachronistic montage, featuring a mythical heroine in a contemporary setting, shows us that as places, times and contexts change, the recurrence of conflict, injustice and oppression remains.

Vacuum, 2007

Publiée par Raeda Saadeh sur Mercredi 14 juillet 2010
Raeda Saadeh, Vacuum, 2007. © Artist's Facebook Page integration

In the photograph Vacuum, the artist vacuums a desert mountain between Jericho and the Dead Sea. The vanity and absurdity of the gesture, referring to the hero of Greek mythology Sisyphus, refers to life in Palestine. Through the beauty of these images, the artist seems to dramatize the condition of the Palestinian woman lost in this landscape, overwhelmed by the presence of the world. 

Crossroads, 2003

Publiée par Raeda Saadeh sur Mercredi 14 juillet 2010
Raeda Saadeh, Crossroads, 2003. © Artist's Facebook Page integration

The self-portrait Crossroads shows the artist standing on her doorstep, a suitcase at her side, her foot stuck in a concrete block immobilized as a symbol of the occupying force.

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