mohammad obeidallah

Obeidallah (1995)

محمد عبيدالله

Lives and works in Bethlehem

Born in Battir a small village west of Bethlehem, Mohammad Obeidallah works primarily in digital photography and video. His work addresses environmental, political and social issues concerning Palestinians, Palestinian land and human rights. He has participated in several exhibitions at the University of Dar al-Kalima (Palestine); Window of Hope, a 3-day festival in Minneapolis (United States), celebrating the art, culture, and people of Palestine (2018); and For Future at Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem.

Untitled, 2018.

Mohammad Obeidallah’s video represents life in his ancient village Battir. Located six kilometers West of Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Battir has a stunning landscape and is abundant with water springs. The village community has been confronting Israeli occupation authorities and violent settlers for many years, its resources having made it an attractive target for confiscation by the colonizing power. Unlike many of the surrounding villages that have already lost their land to illegal Israeli colonies, Battir remains resilient, though the risk of land and water seizure is a constant threat. In this video, Obeidallah builds on his imaginative intervention into daily conditions under military occupation, creating moments of “normal life”.

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