F.K.A. Art Club

F.K.A. Art Club Collective Bio

Favielle Petit Clair, Kathleen Charles and Awa Banmana form the newly founded collective: F.K.A. Art Club. With a co-conspirator relationship, the artists trace similarities between Fav and Kat’s Haitian heritage and Awa’s Senegalese heritage. Together, they form a powerful artist collective focused on how multidisciplinary creative expression can be used to build community resilience and resistance in the face of systemic oppression, for individuals who live at the intersection of racialized and homophobic violence.

Born in France, Spanish-Senegalese artist Awa Banmana’s is an Queer Afropean emerging artist. Their work is centered around multidisciplinary. In 2020, Banmana was involved in the creation of the Black Lives Matter mural «La Vie des Noir.e.s Compte» and was selected to be in residence for Moebius magazine. Banmana’s video clip «KICKER», co-directed with musician Kaya Hoax, was also featured in the Melbourne Midsumma Festival 2021.

Favielle “Fav” Petit Clair, is a Queer woman from Haitian descent. Having grown up in such a rich and crowded city her proximity to people and the social bonds she formed tainted her approach to art. With an Afrocentric artistic practice, Favielle obtained her first exhibition in 2017 for FOVA during Black History month. 

Kathleen Charles is a queer Haitian writer, songstress, performer, therapist in training and community organizer. Their poetry explores the power that art has to heal communities. Their art, whether it be music or poetry is made to heal themselves and to heal others by providing validating imagery to move through the traumas of systemic oppression. 

Sophia Wright

Sophia Wright (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer, and creator based in Tio’tia:ke / Montreal and currently works in a collective with dance and theatre artist, Alida Esmail. Sophia’s artistic practice is fuelled by the desire to bring diverse practices and communities together. Originally hailing from Calgary, Sophia obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University and continued her studies in Cultural Mediation at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris, France. In Paris, Sophia became an active member of the collective La Main, a multi-disciplinary collective of artisans, artists, and technicians. It was also in Paris that she first engaged with the Deaf community through the arts, an intercultural and multilingual collaboration that she continues to this day. Parallel to her dance career, Sophia is developing her skills in metalwork with the goal of bringing elements of sculpture and set design into future projects.

Photo credit: Alexandre Quillet 


In 2016, five individuals, passionate about the traditions of their country, decided to start a dance project. After gaining experience in other artistic contexts, the desire to do things differently allowed them to embark on an unknown path. Tondóa was born as an experimental laboratory that broke the conventions of a traditional projection folklore company. Reflections on the management, the creation of works and the vision of traditional dances were put forward with an unprecedented openness from its members. The primary members that make up the fabric of Tondóa are: Daniel Diaz, Nicole Speare, Camila Petro, Juan Sebastien Hoyos, and Milena Yanes. 

During the stage of development, the organization set up guidelines to define a way of creating. Putting forward our respect for Colombian traditions, Tondóa would strive to make them evolve. The dancers therefore shared not only their knowledge of dance, but also their personal experiences. Therefore, the diversity in age, gender, sexual orientation and background became the strength of the group.

Today, Tondóa defines itself as a research and creation dance company that allows us to go back to the roots of tradition while making links with the current socio-cultural context. As a learning community, we want to create a safe space for exchanges, ideas and progress to share our vision of the art of movement.

For the year 2021, a restructure of the group is allowing for the creation of two divisions, a semi-professional group and a professional collective, with different but complementary objectives to meet the needs of the dancers and the project.

Rouzbeh Shadpey

Rouzbeh Shadpey is an artist and musician based in Tiohtiá:ke / Mooniyang / Montreal working through sound, writing, and performance. His practice and thought are shaped by an academic background in medicine, psychiatry, and music, the lived experience of a faltering body, and the deep kindness of his grandmother Nargues. His current artistic research explores decolonial grammars of illness and the whiteness of acousmatic listening. His music, under the identity GOLPESAR, has been released on Opal Tapes.

⇒ http://www.rouzbehshadpey.com/

Reihan Ebrahimi

Reihan Ebrahimi is an Iranian-born ceramic artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/ Montreal. She moved to Canada in 2015 and received her BFA in ceramics in 2020 from Concordia University. The focus of her works is a reflection on notions of cultural identity, memory and dislocation. Remaking is the primary approach in Ebrahimi’s work and her research-based practice is nourished by the interplay of her studio practice, personal experiences and research on historical artifacts. 

Ebrahimi is the co-curator and co-founder of Nowruz Projects, a multicultural collective which curates events focused on the rite of Nowruz in Western Asia. The project is developed around the theme of “ritual as a space for rebirth, reunion and appreciation of diversity”.

Noelia Pacheco-Bascopé

Based in Tiohtià:ke | Montréal, Noelia is an interdisciplinary artist who draws on personal and collective narratives to question the world in which she lives in. Rooted in a decolonial perspective, her work takes the forms of public installations, video art and performances, where she approaches questions of identity while taking into account the political and social contexts that are intrinsically linked to it. The relationship with what one has with another is a central element in their research. Recently, she had an interest in a subject on the migratory experiences of  people that recently immigrated to Quebec (since the 1970s). She is particularly interested in learning about disregarded immigrant populations and their migrant stories of resilience across time. Her interest in these stories stems from a profound quest for learning about identity in which she retraces the migratory trajectories of her ancestors. Within the framework of the Alliance program, Noelia wishes to investigate the political, social and personal contexts that form the conditions of marginalization and intersectionality in these plural experiences. 

Lenore Claire Herrem

Lenore Claire Herrem is a multidisciplinary artist from Saskatoon-based in Tio’Tia:Ke/Montreal since 2013. She has training and a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Saskatchewan, and currently works in a variety of digital formats including animation, web series, portraiture, and graphic design. Precious Puppies is one of her larger current projects, encompassing an animated series, clothing brand, zines, stickers, and other hand-crafted merchandise. The series began as experimental mini-episodes in 2018, and in 2020 she produced the first full season of the show. She is currently in production of the second season, with the aid of MAI’s alliance program. The Sandy Bridges Show is another multi-faceted project of Lenore’s, produced as both a web series and live event. Sandy Bridges has been an alter-ego of hers since 2009- emcee, stand-up comedienne, lifestyle coach, and more. Lenore is also a community events organizer and co-founded Taking What We Need in 2015, which is a grassroots fundraising and community organization for Montreal’s low-income transfeminine community. Taking What We Need is an informal  volunteer-run community group dedicated to helping trans women, trans-feminine (AMAB) and two spirit people get what they need through discretionary funding.

Photo Credit: Sarah Rainville  

⇒ https://www.lenorech.ca/

Jongwook Park

South Korea-born Jongwook Park holds an MFA in Communication Design from Sangmyung University (Seoul) and a diploma in Animation Art and Design from LaSalle College (Montreal). Living in a foreign land forced him out of his psychological comfort zone, a disorientation that led him to objectively re-examine the familiar. His artwork draws on traditional art practices while adopting new techniques and is distinguished by his unique treatment of line drawing. His work has been presented in exhibitions and publications in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, as well as South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

⇒ https://jon-p.weebly.com/

Hea R. Kim

South Korean-born, Canadian immigrant Hea R. Kim explores overlapping technical art processes within fibers and sculptures. Visually inspired by her Korean heritage, Kim’s explorations share elements of childhood recollections and imagination. With her formal education in South Korea and her in-depth studies in material processes and contemporary art in Montreal, Kim aims to visualize the innocent period when days are filled with infinite possibility, indulgence, and mystery. Kim has exhibited her works across Canada and South Korea. She had a solo exhibition Vomiting Flowers at MAI in 2019. This exhibition will be presented again at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John’s Newfoundland in March 2022.

Atif Siddiqi

Atif Siddiqi studied fashion design in Los Angeles and video production/performance in Montreal where they live currently. Their work revolves around gender identity, ecology, justice, notions of personal transformation and metamorphosis by incorporating elements of symbolism and iconography. Their artistic body of work includes the long form experimental documentaries, Solo (winner best documentary) and M! Mom, Madonna and Me. Audio recordings of Amethyst’s Universe, Firefly, and Tranie Tronic. Various other short form videos like Unique Mythology, Erotic, Exotic, and performances of Alienation are also part of their portfolio.

Photo credit : Eisha Marjara

⇒ http://www.atifsiddiqi.com/