sasha kleinplatz

December 7 to 11, 2022

Miracle’ing/Close to Me/Close to You & We Move Together or Not at All

© David Wong

Tiotia:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal 

Performance / Installation

Presented in English

Miracle’ing/Close to Me/Close to You

December 7, 2022: 7.30pm

December 8, 2022: 7.30pm

December 9, 2022: 7.30 pm

December 10, 2022: 7.30pm

December 11, 2022: 2:00pm (relaxed performance)

We Move Together or Not at All

December 7th 2022 : 5:00pm-7:00pm

December 8th 2022 : 5:00pm-7:00pm

December 9th 2022 : 5:00pm-7:00pm

December 10th 2022 : 5:00pm-7:00pm

December 11th 2022 : 11:30am- 1:30pm

The MAI presents two works from Montréal dance artist Sasha Kleinplatz.

We Move Together or Not at All is a choreographic installation. A sonified greenhouse made in collaboration with media alchemist Navid Navab is activated by different soloists. The piece places consent, multi-sensory performance archives, and species inter-dependency in conversation. It is a greenhouse for dancing. It is life-giving through movement. Come read, nap, hang, rest, etc.

In Miracle’ing/Close to Me/Close to You, twelve performers work and make in real time. A score for being alone-together. This choreography tries to think through unison as a practice of proximity and distance.

Sasha Kleinplatz is a dance artist in Tiohtià:ke, Canada. She is the co-founder (along with Andrew Tay) of Wants&Needs Danse. She is co-creator of the events Short&Sweet, Piss in the Pool, and LOL (Lots of Love) Fest, platforms for risk-taking and community building in performance.

Talkback with the artist following the December 9th performance — Hosted by Sylvain Verstricht. 

relaxed performance

The performance on December 11th at 2pm is a relaxed performance (RP). 

There is a more relaxed attitude to noise and movement within the theatre during the performance. The reception, soundscape and visual atmosphere are adapted to create a calm and inclusive environment. Additional support tools are also made available to the audience, such as a detailed show guide, visual stories, familiarization visits, etc. Relaxed performances (RP) are open to all, and may specifically address the needs of people who identify with a sensory or intellectual disability, a neurological or learning disability, people who experience anxiety, people with newborns or anyone who is uncomfortable with the conventions of a traditional theatre environment.

For more information, visite MAI’s Relaxed Performances page.

Performance guide – Miracle’ing/Close to Me/Close to You

The performance guide explains what the show is about, what the themes are, the sensitive subjects as well as the sound and visual effects. It also includes the members of the artistic team, a glossary and details the course of the evening/afternoon.

Visual Story – MAI

The document is designed to help make the experience at MAI accessible and understandable to all people.


Miracle’ing/Close to Me/Close to You : Andrea Cownden, Justin de Luna, Natalie Zoey Gauld, Winnie Ho, Maria Kefirova, Alexa Mardon, Erika Mitsuhashi, Emile Pineault, Simon Portigal, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Rianne Svelnis, Lexi Vajda | Éclairage : Karine Gauthier | Artistic Director: Sasha Kleinplatz

We Move Together or Not at All : Gestural AI Music and Interactive Scenography: Navid Navab | Movement and Co-Choreographer: Angie Cheng | Scenography and Plant Whisperer: Odessa Dobbie | Performers and Co-Thinkers: Erin Hill, Frédérique Peter Jasko, Rodier, Andrew Turner | Artistic Director: Sasha Kleinplatz

about the box office

rates 22.23

regular | $28

reduced | $22 – seniors (65 and more) & students: upon presentation of a valid justification document. the discount applies to one (1) person and is not cumulative.

junior & groups | $16 – 14 years old and under, or group of ten (10) and more.

music | $22

accompanying person | $0 – accompanying persons for spectators with a disability. contact the box office for more information.