Digital, interdisciplinary and collaborative project

March 24 to April 9, 2022

Christian Boakye-Agyeman, Guillaume Crico, Nazim Elnur & Stefan Verna
Christian Boakye-Agyeman, Guillaume Crico, Nazim Elnur & Stefan Verna


Video projection outside of metro Saint-Laurent

From March 24 to April 9, MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) will present 5 groups of artists invited to create on the theme JUSTICE, a digital, interdisciplinary and collaborative project.

JUSTICE was conceived and realized for 2 different reasons: To support artists by commissioning new pieces, and to provide a platform for them to consider what justice means from their own perspective, thereby opening a dialogue about social, environmental, restorative and distributive justice, among other forms. JUSTICE was also envisioned as a way to provide new platforms for artists to present their work.

In total, five projects were supported, with the involvement of a total of 16 principal artists (not counting the many creative collaborators working behind the scenes). Sound, image and words are blended with the political, the personal and the poetic.



Artists: James Nicholas Dumile Goddard, Markus Lake, Stacy Lee

This Country is Like a Dreamland

Artists: naakita feldman-kis, Tam Khoa Vu & Yoon Rachel Nam


Artists: Guillaume Crico, Nazim Elnur & Stefan Verna

justement (en)raciner

Artists: Angelina Guo, Jad Orphée Chami & kimura byol lemoine

Vibrer au rythme des changements chroniques / Vibing through the chronicle changes

Artists: Véronique Picard, Craig Commanda & Emilio Wawatie

Credits : Selection comittee : Angie Cheng, Rain Hye, Erika Kierulf, Firas Nassri | Technical director : Maxime Monrat | Video director (MAI) : Gabrielle Allain | Artist Liaison : Nika Khanjani | Coordination assistant : Jean Grünewald.

This project was supported by the Canadian Heritage’s Public Art and Music Worker Support Fund / DCAP program.