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February 18th, 2023

3 Queer Happenings / The Future Lovers Kiki Ball

Tiotia:ke / Mooniyang / Montreal


February 18, 2023: 9:30pm – DJ at 8:30pm

The MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and Mother Raven Louboutin present : The Future Lovers Kiki Ball, our closing event for 3 Queer Happenings.

February the 14th has passed but we still need to blow off some steam. What better place to express those residual emotions than on the runway. Welcome to the Future Lovers Kiki Ball!

➞ MC: Broadway Mulan

➞ DJ: Cherry KFC 

➞ Judges: Stay tuned!


  • Bizarre- One Trophy, 300$ cash prize
    We wanna see into the future. Bring something from the year 3023. Did you spend your valentine’s day on an apocalyptic planet? Or up in the stars? Make sure to include hearts in your futuristic, love themed bizarre.
  • Tag Team Realness- Two trophies and 300$ cash prize for the winning couple. But…will they be going home together or have a lovers quarrel for the cash?
    Love is in the air, and everyone’s got their eye on the hottest couple. Does love at first sight exist? Show us real love from the realest couple.
    Male figures, dont forget the rose to give to your date!
    Female figures, we all know the secret to pulling a man… a tiny black cocktail dress.
  • Face- Three trophies, Three-way battle for that 150$ cash prize
    The eyes, the nose, the teeth, the skin, the structure. And the LIPS, cause isn’t lovers day for kissing?
    FF- bring it with a red lip and matching red dress.
    MF- bring it in all black with a perfectly placed lipstick mark on your face. But don’t let it cover too much of that skin!
    GNC- bring it in all white with red lipstick marks everywhere except your face.
  • Runway- Two trophies, 150$ cash prize.
    Strut of shame! How quickly do your future lovers become past lovers? One night? Make sure your boo doesn’t catch you slipping out the door…you gotta be incognito and cover up last night’s date outfit.
    European- What’s better to cover up last night’s glitter and glam than a trench coat?
    All American- Bring it wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat.
  • Oldway- One trophy, 150$ cash prize
    No date night is complete without the perfect server. And who knows their platters better than the old way, the legendary way? Bring it dressed as the classiest server from the classiest restaurant. Don’t forget your bowtie!
  • OTA Performance- One trophy, 150$ cash prize.
    Who brings the pussy, who brings the cunt? Cupid of course! Bring it dressed as Valentine’s Day’s favorite angel. Don’t forget your bow and arrow!
  • Sex Siren. Two trophies, 150$ cash prize
    We know you can make it to the bedroom no problem, but how is your after-care game? show us the sweetness and sensuality that comes with an… engaging… pillow talk.
    FF- Bring it with accents of silk and a pillow.
    MF- Bring it with accents of leather and a pillow.
  • Foot eye bag– first impressions are important! Woo your date with your impeccable taste.



FF- Female Figure

MF- Male Figure

GNC- Gender Non Conforming

3 Queer Happenings is a celebration of unbridled artistic expression through live music, drag, performance art, and burlesque. A mini-festival for our community to experience queer joy.

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Presented as part of Queer Performance Camp, in partnership with LaChapelle Scènes contemporaines and Studio 303.

Studio 303


Mother Raven Louboutin

Co-produced by MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels).