Montréal Mich Cota


Mich Cota. © Jordan Minkoff view gallery
Mich Cota. © Jordan Minkoff

In Algonquin, Wàsakozi (pronounced “wah-suh-koh-sheh”) means “lustre,” a reflection of light. Mich Cota’s Wàsakozi takes the shape of an opera and follows the life of Odjìshìngwe – an ungendered being born of light and darkness – from birth to death, and through rebirth. The piece invites dialogue, complicates issues of identity, and foregrounds Indigenous self-determination as well as the importance of queer and trans visibility.

Mich Cota is a Two-Spirit Algonquin-mixed woman working across community lines and disciplines. Her work is focused on celebrating queerness, trans visibility, and the spectrum of Indigeneity. Cota recently won an award for most significant musical work in an alternative format at the Indigenous Voices Awards 2018.