London Noemi Lakmaier


Noëmi Lakmaier, "Undress/Re-Dress" © Joy Stanley view gallery
Noëmi Lakmaier, "Undress/Re-Dress" © Joy Stanley

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In this durational work, Noëmi Lakmaier presents a “living installation” that is part art object, part performance, and part real people. A woman in a bare room is being dressed—or perhaps undressed—by a male performer. Both appear more like aestheic objects than real individuals. Myriad associations pass through the piece—it could be a business transaction, an interplay of gender roles, or an act of love—keeping us adrift, suspended between empathy and symbolism.

Austrian-born, Noëmi Lakmaier uses her own body to create endurance-based performances and living installations to explore boundaries between the physiological body we have and the phenomenological body we are.