Montréal Naghmeh Sharifi

to live as an organ within oneself

Nagmeh Sharifi © Alexis Bellavance view gallery
Nagmeh Sharifi © Alexis Bellavance

This exhibition by Iranian-Canadian artist Naghmeh Sharifi features ink-on-paper drawings and sculptural elements. Sharifi examines themes of transient identity and the psychology of the body from within, as a lived space and geography. Working in disparate media, she represents the body within diverse environments—imaginary interpretations of the diverse places she herself has inhabited.

Based in Montreal, Sharifi has exhibited her work in Tehran, Berlin, Toronto, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Skopje (Macedonia). In 2015, she was selected for the Empreints (Impressions) Residency at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Sharifi recently completed her MFA at Concordia University.