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retraced + thin

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© Xavier Filippi, © Melika Dez

New to the Gutta Zone festival (Canada’s biggest Krump event), the Emphaz section showcases the creative work of Krump artists. Under this section, 7starr and Taminator each perform their own choreographic projects. In Retraced, 7Starr invites the audience to witness the richness of his background through the lens of a microscope. By delving into the most minute and complex components of Krump, the piece seeks the dance’s essence to then expand it into its most extrapolated form. Taminator performs Thin, a personal journey into anorexia nervosa, with a particular focus on the illness’ causes and symptoms, which go far beyond the physical.

Both pieces innovate Krump: Thin, an autobiographical work, integrates cello into the Krump world, a first in this milieu. Meanwhile, Retraced incorporates floor movements, an approach rarely used in the style.


Interpreter: Montreal Krump Alliance/7Starr
Assistant Choreographer: Nindy Banks
External Eye & Rehearsal Coach: Mathilde Mercier-Beloin
Sound Design: Mark Magnanimous
Lighting Design: Jon Cleveland
Movement Consultant: Charles Brecard
Interpretation Consultant: Gara Nlandu
Artistic Consultant: P.A.X.
Artistic Research Consultants: Victor Quijada and Anne Plamondon

Interpreter : Montreal Krump Alliance/Taminator
Artistic Consultant: Alexandra “Spicey” Landé
Artistic research: Victor Qijada & Peter Jasko Consultants
External Eye: 7Starr
Musical Direction: Richard “Shash’U” St-Aubin, Marion “Big Rulez” Arinloye
Cello Consultant: Catherine Mathieu
Lighting Design: Sophie Robert


Montreal Krump Alliance: 7Starr + Taminator Retraced + Thin