Montreal Laura Acosta + Santiago Tavera

the novels of elsgüer (episode 5); if i saw you, i don't remember

The Novels of Elsgüer (episode 5); If I saw you I don't remember view gallery
© Santiago Tavera et Laura Acosta

The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 5); If I saw you, I don’t remember is an immersive audiovisual installation and performance piece that translates the movements of an unseen body into visual data in the form of hairlike filament animations, intermittent reflections, and flickering shadows. As a sensorial experience, this work asks how different individuals – visible or not- have the potential to create new spaces, raising questions on perception of visibility, inclusion and exclusion. This is the fifth episode in a series of transdisciplinary installations co-created by Colombian-Canadian artists Santiago Tavera and Laura Acosta since 2015.

Laura Acosta + Santiago Tavera If I saw you, I don't remember

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