Montréal Nadia Myre & Johanna Nutter

Strike/Thru + a Casual Reconstruction

Adrian Morillo

STRIKE/THRU + a Casual Reconstruction is an interdisciplinary encounter between two old friends, Algonquin/French Canadian visual artist Nadia Myre and theatre artist Johanna Nutter, about the uncomfortable feelings around being native and/or non-native. Six members of the audience reconstruct a recorded conversation between culturally-mixed people, a guest writer reinterprets the artists’ intentions on a 1960s typewriter, and the playmates make records and reckonings of personal and political space. Oscillations of identity constructs ensue. A live impetus for conciliation and reconciliation, this work speaks to the current climate around Indigenous/Settler relations.

Nadia Myre et Johanna Nutter are recipients of MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)’s Alliance program.

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Strike/Thru Nadia Myre & Johanna Nutter
  • $10 — single rate season 20.21
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