Montreal + Winnipeg Waawaate Fobister + Jesse Stong

red(z) maid(z) (cancelled)

Red(z) Maid(z) view gallery
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Red(z) Maid(z) is situated within a residential school where 2-spirited Anishinaabe children use their queer imaginations to play out the sadistic abuse they face daily. Their game transforms from innocent role-playing to a plot for murder. Inspired by Jean Genet’s The Maids, in Ojibwe and English, repossesses colonial forms from an autonomously Indigenous perspective. Taking control of the narrative, the children reimagine their maltreatment on their own terms, centering the innocence, imagination, and resilience of Indigenous youth. Award-winning theatre makers Waawaate Fobister and Jesse Stong use absurdism, physicality, and play to draw out Genet’s themes of servitude, oppression, and revenge within Turtle Island’s lineage of colonial violence.

Waawaate Fobister + Jesse Stong red(z) maid(z) (cancelled)

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