Los Angeles Yunuen Rhi

neuter ality

Yunuen-Rhi, "Neuter ality" © Lucie Aron
Yunuen-Rhi, "Neuter ality" © Lucie Aron

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A ritual performance, Neuter ality dismantles the term “neutral” and the meaning it takes in the eddies of diplomacy that normalize the confinement and eradication of “the other.” DNA/seed patenting, mining/displacement, prisons, detention centers, ethnocide and museums are current examples. As a sacrificial gesture to decode “neuterality,” the ritual will transmute a controversial symbol to reveal a fourth space.

Yunuen Rhi, are martial and performance artists, anthropologists, and healers. With roots in Mexico, the United States, and Korea they have cultivated themselves in western, eastern, and native medicine pathways as a way to deepen the understanding of “selves.”