Barranquilla Carlos Maria Romero

muy serio

Carlos Maria Romero, "Muy Serio" © Carlos Maria Romero
Carlos Maria Romero, "Muy Serio" © Carlos Maria Romero

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“Serio” is Colombian gay slang for “straight acting” and is used disdainfully as the opposite of effeminate, queer, faggot, or sissy. “Muy” is an intensifying adverb with strong “camp” potential. In this series, dance artist Carlos Maria Romero uses traditional pieces of masculine clothing as the sculpting material for a variety of queer performance gestures, extracting their symbolic power through staged rituals.

Carlos Maria Romero is a London-based Colombian performer, choreographer, and multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of performing and visual arts, heritage and architectural activism, as well as pedagogy and curating.