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MAD / Motions and dynamics

MAD | Motions and Dynamics is a Forward Movements’ initiative, aiming to offer a different perspective of urban dance while putting the emphasis on creativity.

Urban Dance Shows
Thursday December 5th & Friday December 6th 2019

Featuring performances by Femmes Phénoménales, Sarah Bidaw, and Ford Mckeown Larose, these evenings are centered around mixity and its multiple attributes.

Inspired by her upbringing and her practice of arabo-berber and house dance styles, Sarah Bidaw presents a solo called “Al Warda.” “AmalGame 2.0” is a choreographic piece created by Ford Mckeown Larose of Compagnie Forward Movements and inspired by what scientists call Chaos Theory (better known as the “butterfly effect”). YONI Cypher, a project of Femmes Phénoménales collective, centres women artists of any medium who are immersed in Hip-Hop culture.

MAD Solo Battle
Saturday December 7th 2019

On the 7th & 8th December features the MAD Solo Battle. Throughout the night, solo dancer will battle it out in a game of creativity. Taking part in countless challenges, the artist deemed “most creative” will have the opportunity to represent his art form during the next edition of Hip Hop Games concept at Lille, in France. Master classes will be offered by the professional artists of the Art-Track dance company. This is followed by a creative battle of different challenges between crews and dance collectives who want to pursue a choreographic career.



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