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je ne vais pas inonder la mer

dance interdisciplinary
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Je ne vais pas inonder la mer is a danced elegy that explores the role our relationship with mothers and our heritage play in the construction of femininity. This solo piece by Mexican choreographer and performer Sonia Bustos, draws from her personal history and search for identity, tinged with the pain of grieving her mother and grandmother. At the crossroads of questions on feminine condition, lineage, and memory, the artist explores the phenomena of reminiscence through theatrical dance, awakening all five senses. Food, music, and an evocation of social norms, beliefs and rituals inspire and inform this visceral creation.


Interpreter: Sonia Bustos:

Musicians: Eloisa Reséndiz, Valeria De Marre, Charles Cantin et Aurélien Tomasi 

Dramaturgy: Ilya Krouglikov

Rehearsals: Neil Sochasky

Olfactory Consultant: Dana El Masri 

Composer: Maxime Ethier et Aurélien Tomasi

Lighting Design and Technical Director: Catherine Fée-Pigeon

Sound Design: Aurélien Tomasi

Sonia Bustos Je ne vais pas inonder la mer
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