Tiotià:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal Nasim Lootij + Kiasa Nazeran


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L’Inconsistance is a dance duet by Nasim Lootij and Kiasa Nazeran from the Vâtchik Danse collective that delves into the inner workings of the human mind. The work explores how humanity prefers to submit to empty rhetoric and content itself with passive solidarity towards countries affected by serious political conflicts. It presents an image of loopholes that, once opened in our minds, prevent us from recovering our integrity and consistency. Incorporating paper, a material as soft as our intellectual amorphism, L’Inconsistance is inspired by German Expressionism as an aesthetic revealing the nightmare that Lootij and Nazeran experienced in their native Iran.

Nasim Lootij + Kiasa Nazeran l'inconsistance
  • $28 — regular
  • $22 — discount- arts professionals, seniors (65 and +), students
  • $22 — neighbours- residents and workers in H2X and H2W
  • $16 — juniors and groups- 14 years and under, groups of 10 people and +
  • $20 — saturday special
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