Tiotia:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal Tam Khoa Vu

hybrid condition

visual arts exhibition
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In Hybrid Condition Vietnamese-Canadian artist Tam Khoa Vu explores cultural hybridity through multiple video and audio installations using a blend of personal, archival, and modern-day footage. Vu’s work is playful, even mischievous, as the artist aims to create spaces of abundance, possibility, and nuance around the issues involved in representing liminal Vietnamese identities. Vu navigates a diasporic “third space” between Vietnam and Canada. In Hybrid Condition, footage emphasizing Vietnamese identity and diaspora allows the artist to dig into the roots of cultural, ethnic, and national identities in such a way as to call into question Western hegemony and its influence over Vietnam, Vietnamese, and Vietnamese-Canadian identity.

Tam Khoa Vu Hybrid Condition
  • free entrance tuesday to saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm