Tiotià:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal + Mexico City Vías: Paco Ziel + Bernardo Alvarado Rojas + Siam Obregón

flesh and sound

dance installation performance
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Vías’ Flesh and Sound challenges how live art engages the audience. This new creation by Paco Ziel and Bernardo Alvarado Rojas begins with an installation designed by Siam Obregón to inspire in the spectator a state of listening and mindfulness before moving to a performance. Incorporating the sonic study of pre-Hispanic instruments complemented by contemporary technology, as well as kinetic and acoustic vibrations sourced from the human body, this invitation to step away from Western ways of analyzing, feeling, and perceiving sound asks the audience the following question: how do you listen? Through reaction, disruption, or amplification enhanced by a 360 sound design, the performers trigger movement. Choreography and sonic composition are considered as one, and movements are inspired by images of creatures strongly attached to Mexican pre-Hispanic cosmology, bringing echoes from the past into the present.

Rotating performers :

Nov 8th → Paco Ziel + Bernardo Alvarado Rojas
Nov 9th → Rachelle Bourget + Bernardo Alvarado Rojas
Nov 10th → Isabel Cruz + Rachelle Bourget
Nov 11th → Isabel Cruz + Paco Ziel


Co-creators: Siam Obregón, Bernardo Alvarado Rojas, Paco Ziel.

Performers: Rachelle Bourget, Isabel Cruz , Bernardo Alvarado Rojas, Paco Ziel

Artistic advisor: Ami Shulman

External eye: Diana León

Visual direction, art installation design and set design: Siam Obregón

Sound Design: Eric Saucke-Lacelle

Technical Director: Benoit Lariviere

Lighting Designer: Benoit Larivière

Costume Design: Camille Thibault-Bédard

Official photo: Damian Siqueiros

Vías: Paco Ziel + Bernardo Alvarado Rojas + Siam Obregón Flesh and Sound
  • $28 — regular
  • $22 — discount- arts professionals, seniors (65 and +), students
  • $22 — neighbours- residents and workers in H2X and H2W
  • $16 — juniors and groups- 14 years and under, groups of 10 people and +
  • $20 — saturday special
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