Turtle Island/Canada + Egypt Mona El Husseini + Hala Farahat


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Dancer and visual artist Mona El Husseini is interested in how stories are transmitted, shared, and told through the body across generations. Where do we meet and where do we part? How do we collaboratively give voice to our shared past? Creatrix, a dance duet between El Husseini and her mother, Hala Farahat, interweaves improvisation, gestural interpretation, abstracting the Egyptian Baladi dance, and storytelling. While Mona is an artist, her mother Hala is a medical doctor, science teacher, and a mother of three who is not trained in dance. Where their opposing worlds meet, they search together for the common denominator across art and science, motherhood and girlhood, past and present.


Interpreters : Mona El Husseini, Hala Farahat
Light Design: Nien-Tzu Weng
Music: Wael Kodeih
Dramaturgical Consultant: Sarah El Kashef

Mona El Husseini + Hala Farahat Creatrix
  • $28 — regular
  • $22 — discount- arts professionals, seniors (65 and +), students
  • $22 — neighbours- residents and workers in H2X and H2W
  • $16 — juniors and groups- 14 years and under, groups of 10 people and +
  • $20 — saturday special
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