Vancouver Arash + Aryo Khakpour / The Biting School

cain & abel

Person with back turned towards viewer. Red t-short pulled over their head. Three diagonal red lipstick lines drawn on thier back. A second person with their mouth wide open, about to eat lipstick, held by first person. view gallery
Arash + Aryo Khakpour, "Cain & Abel". © Sepehr Samimi

What does someone feel when he kills his brother? Inspired by the biblical story, Cain and Abel is a theatrical and choreographic duet about fraternal jealousy and rivalry. Iranian-born Vancouver artists, Aryo and Arash Khakpour perform this visceral work that dives down to the roots of fratricidal violence and the patriarchal nature of our society.

The Khakpour brothers have been partnering in creating performances for the past 5 years under the company name of The Biting School. In the space between the grotesque and the beautiful, between humour and ethics, they explore the dynamics of power, the implications of ideologies, and the recurrence of mythologies.