Brooklyn M. Lamar

american cuck, from plantations to pornhub to (canceled)

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American Cuck is a multimedia video and environmental installation and musical performance exploring the maintenance of white supremacy in the pornographic imagination and psyche of the U.S. nation-state, and its effects on every aspect of American Life. M. Lamar specifically explores the construction of the white male cuckold, the black male object of his obsession, and the relation of both to a plantation culture of race, desire, and violence. Indeed, it is Lamar’s argument that the construction of the hyper-sexual black person in the white imagination continues to lead to black death in a white supremacist society. The hyper-sexual, hyper-physical black person in the white supremacist mind offers virtuosic pleasure and threat. This is core to nation identity.

M. Lamar American Cuck, From Plantations to Pornhub to

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