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À perte de vue - intégrale

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© Angelo Barsetti

Welcoming the broken
Welcoming the unbroken
Of what, in the meantime, will live on
Of what, when glimpsed, fades away
Is it living to welcome
Is it the other who arrives, already
François Cheng [ Translated from French ]*

À perte de vue is a diptych of duets featuring Marie-Hélène Bellavance and performers Isabelle Poirier and Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, set to music by Montreal-based composer Robert Normandeau. The first duet evokes the sustenance of what is lost as an entity with an existence of its own. Accompanied by dancer George-Nicolas Tremblay, who abstractly personifies the concept of brokenness, a woman gradually discovers herself through dance and asserts her freedom. In the flow of tamed movement, her partner embodies the external force that propels her towards a change of reality.

The second duet featuring Marie-Hélène and Isabelle, exposes the confrontation between what is lost forever and the acceptance of a new reality. Body to body, soul to soul, the two dancers face each other, double over, lean on one another and imitate each other in the elaboration and execution of movements and dance. Lucie Grégoire stages a mirror dynamic between two women, one a reflection of the other, perhaps her double, soul mates with rediscovered inner strength. A vibrantly human encounter that transcends alterity through dance, an intense reflection on resilience, singularity and transformation.


Choreography, in collaboration with the interpreters: Lucie Grégoire
Interpreters : Marie-Hélène Bellavance, Isabelle Poirier, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay
Music : Robert Normandeau
Lighting : Pierre Lavoie
Dramaturg: Paulo Castro-Lopes
Costumes Design : Marilène Bastien
Rehearsals : Dodik Gédouin
Technical Director : Judith Allen
Communications : Laurie Perron

A Lucie Grégoire Danse and Corpuscule Danse production

*François Cheng, Le livre du vide médian, Albin Michel, Paris, 2005

Lucie Grégoire Danse + Corpuscule Danse À perte de vue - Intégrale
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