james gnam / plastic orchid factory

March 29 to April 1, 2023

entre chien et loup 

© David Cooper

Unceded Coast Salish Territories


Presented in English

March 29, 2023: 7:30pm

March 30, 2023: 7:30pm

March 31, 2023: 7:30pm

April 1, 2023: 7:30pm

Gnam enters a world between dog and wolf—entre chien et loup; the twilight time between dawn and dusk when the light is so dim that one cannot distinguish between a dog or a wolf. The hour of transformation, dancing between fear and security, known and unknown. Mirroring Gnam’s experience of increasing uncertainty beyond the safe space of home, this piece lives within structures where time and activity expand and collapse, echoing the complexity of early pandemic memory. James plugs into the playfulness and sense of imagination that his kids taught him anew during lockdowns and isolations. This is a piece made out of the materiality of Gnam’s pandemic experience, but it is not about his pandemic experience.

A co-production of plastic orchid factory


Choreography and Performance: James Gnam | Outside Eye: Vanessa Goodman | Rehearsal | Direction: Natalie LeFebvre Gnam | Costume and Set design: James Gnam | Lighting | Design: James Proudfoot | Sound Design: Loscil (Scott Morgan) | Media Design and Integration: Eric Chad and Dan O’Shea

entre chien et loup was made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, The BC Arts Council, The City of Vancouver, The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Left of Main, Lena Artist Residency, ReLocate Collective, Mile Zero Dance, Sawdust Collector, The MAI and Lake Studios Berlin.