Élian mata (productions em)

November 24 to 27 2021


Vanessa Fortin & David Wong



November 24 2021 : 7:30pm

November 25 2021 : 7:30pm

November 26 2021 : 7:30pm

November 27 2021 : 7:30pm

In 2018, author, dramaturge, choreographer and visionary Élian Mata created the unforgettable Forêt with a first collective of performers; this year he returns to the MAI with Trajectoires, a performance installation involving eight collaborators. Moving through this rich, moving tableau that deals with the nuance and complexity of being human, the audience encounters these living works of art embodied by the performers: six creations dedicated to representation. And on this journey, we seek to understand Anima, Animus and Androgyny; and we reflect on this Narcissus that exists in each of us, each one evoking in their own way the complexity and profundity of the human psyche through a series of enigmatic tales whose collective voice is as singular as it is manifold.

Credits: Choreographer, dramaturge, costume designer: Élian Mata | Performers and creative collaborators: Jontae Mccrory, Jacqueline van de Geer, Jérémie Brassard, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Gabrielle Surprenant Lacasse, Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton, Anne Flore de Rochambeau, Stevens Simeon | Narrator: Kawennotas | Costumes: Marilène Bastien | Cutting and Sewing: Geneviève Bouchard, Marianne Thériault | Sewing: Gilles-François Therrien, Martine Dubé | Dyeing: Chloé Giroux-Bertrand | Videographers: Vickie Grondin, Carl Beauchemin | Photography: Vanessa Fortin, David Wong | Set design: Samuel Thériault | Lighting and technical direction: Stéphane Menigot | Sound editing: Antoine Berthiaume

With the support of MAI’s residency program.