Lydie Dubuisson

Born and based in Montreal, Lydie Dubuisson is a theatre creator, playwright, director, and storyteller.  She performed in musicals, sang in choirs, directed choirs, sang in a jazz band and graduated with distinction in Theatre from Concordia University.

Her art explores intersectionality, dystopian reality, collective memory, and ritualistic moods.  Gospel music permeates her work. Dubuisson’s plays give voice to women living in conservative communities by questioning destiny within fundamentalist environments.

Her play Quiet had a staged reading for the Black Theatre Workshop’s 2018 Discovery Series.  She is part of the writing team of Blackout, a Tableau d’Hôte production, which will be presented in January 2019. Dubuisson is currently writing her second play, Sanctuary.

Kyungseo Min

Kyungseo Min is a Korean-Canadian playwright and performer currently based in Montreal. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at the University of Southern California, she pursued her passion for physical theatre and Japanese traditional theatre by training in Body Weather Laboratory in Venice and Nihonbuyo with the Kyoto Arts Centre. As a writer and Third Culture Kid, her goal is to create a distinctive style of theatre blending Western and Eastern philosophies, weaving text, movement, and symbolism into a cohesive whole. She strives to tell stories that break linear structure and find drama not only in action and dialogue, but also in stasis. She dares to write plays that remove the audience from reality and transport them into a metaphysical realm where a single gesture can slow down their heartbeat and a symbol can make them stop in their seats and feel what is underneath the banalities of the everyday.

Kym Dominique-Ferguson

Kym DominiqueFerguson is a poet by birth, a theatre performer by training, and a producer by nurture. For over a decade he has serenaded Montreal and international audiences with his blending of spoken word poetry and theatre. He successfully produced and performed his first one man show to a sold-out audience back in August of 2015: The Born Jamhaitianadian. Ferguson is also a radio show host on Soul Perspectives for the past 6 years which talks about the issues affecting the Black community here in Montreal, across Canada and internationally.   He is currently in development his first theatre play: The #DearBlackMan Project, officially commissioned by Black Theatre Workshop.

Ligia Borges

Ligia Borges is a director, actor, teacher, and researcher as well as co-founder of the Brazilian collective Teatro da Travessia, with which she has been involved as an actor, assistant director, and/or dramaturge since 2006. Universal subjects, such as family relationships, love, sickness, and the obstacles of daily living are recurrent themes in her work. Fragments d’Ana, Borges’ current theatre project, is centred on the social effects of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to bridging the worlds of storytelling and theatre, Fragments d’Ana adopts a dramaturgical approach that integrates the stories of people living with Alzheimers and those of their caregivers. Fragments d’Ana is conceived for a non-conventional venue and will emphasize the encounter between the public and actors.

Katey Wattam

Katey Wattam is a recent graduate of McGill University’s Drama and Theatre program and has worked on over 20 theatrical productions and films. An interdisciplinary artist of mixed settler and Anishinaabe ancestry, Wattam approaches theatre as a way of mining her and other bodies for their “blood memory,” uncovering experiences and traumas (past and present) for the purpose of reclaiming and decolonizing bodies, minds, and spaces. In 2017-2018 Wattam prepared a staging of Quebecois queer indigenous self-taught artist, creator and writer Jovette Marchessault’s one-woman show, Night Cows. Deep, lyrical, sensuous, fabulous – Marchessault’s voice becomes, in Wattam’s hands, an ecstatic force, one that turns conventional images of women inside out and opens onto a feminist vision of the future.

Théâtre Everest

Théâtre Everest is a theatre company, but it is above all a family project spearheaded by the Barshee sisters: Chloé, Fanny and Jade. The Barshee sisters’ theatre practice is shaped within a contemporary Quebec social context, defined by a mix of different overlapping cultural realities. Théâtre Everest’s mission is to bridge these multiple realities and to chip away at siloed cultural identities to arrive at more universal human values.Bâtardes, the company’s most recent creation, will be presented at the MAI from March 20 to 24, 2018. Weaving together anecdotes, poetic monologues, and video archives, Bâtardes takes the form of a touching work of autofiction in which the artists set out in search of their own identity.