new executive and artistic director at the mai!

The MAI Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Camille Larivée as Executive and Artistic Director.

The MAI Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Camille Larivée as the new General and Artistic Director of MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels). They will bring their expertise and passion for intercultural arts to continue to carry out MAI’s mission. Through the success of their own creations and their support of significant interdisciplinary projects, Camille demonstrates a refreshing artistic vision. Their experience as a curator and artist, as well as their commitment to inclusion, their empathetic approach, and their caring nature, are valuable assets to our organization.

Camille Larivée 

“I’m very happy and excited to be joining the amazing team at MAI, a unique place in the Montreal cultural universe that I have admired and frequented for many years. MAI’s vision and values around intersectionality, accessibility and mentorship are central to my practice as a cultural worker, artist, and curator. I look forward to offering my strengths and talents to a bold and dynamic space, and to continuing the innovative work cultivated by MAI.”
-Camille Larivée

The selection committee, composed of MAI’s three guest curators, Angie Cheng, Lara Kramer and Alexandra Spicey Landé, as well as Manuel Mathieu, President of the Board of Directors, and Mabel Gonzalez, member of the Board of Directors, are confident that Camille will brilliantly succeed in carrying out MAI’s mission and mandate.

We are delighted to mark the beginning of a new chapter in the history of MAI. Welcome Camille!

Camille Larivée is an artist, independent curator, writer, and art worker based in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal. They hold a bachelor’s degree in art history and a certificate in feminist studies from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). They have held several coordination and programming positions with Canadian cultural organizations, including the Independent Media Arts Alliance and the Indigenous Curatorial Collective. For the past 12 years, Camille has created and curated many public art projects, exhibitions, and publications with amazing collaborators that have been presented in Canada, USA, and Sweden. Their artistic and curatorial practice is rooted in collective emotional memories in urban public spaces and radical love for biodiversity.


call for volunteers!

Photo: Paul Litherland

Are you passionate about intercultural, interdisciplinary arts, or about the arts in general? Would you like to get involved in a dynamic cultural organization? Here’s your chance as the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) is looking for volunteers to help during its 23rd season!

In return, you will be able to attend a number of performances throughout our programming season 2022-2023.

As a multidisciplinary presenter of contemporary arts, MAI’s mission is to support the creation, dissemination and promotion of intercultural arts. As a meeting place that creates dynamic and long-lasting links between various artistic communities, the MAI offers original creations in dance, music, theatre and multidisciplinary arts.

​​We are looking for volunteers available mostly during evenings – weeknights and the weekend. If you have a few hours to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Fill out this form to become a volunteer.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!


may for mai : enrichening our collective futures together

A few months ago, I proudly accepted the role of president at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels). Having benefited from MAI’s mentorship program earlier in my career, I sincerely believe in its role as an essential contributor to the lives of artists and to the cultural life of Montreal. MAI has been hit hard by the multiple closures of the past two years. But there is no need to despair because we know that our community is closely knit and that is why we are launching MAI’s first annual fundraising campaign!

MAI has been hit hard by the multiple closures of the past two years. But there is no need to despair because we know that our community is closely knit and that is why we are launching MAI’s first annual fundraising campaign!

In 2021, despite 72 weeks of closure, we provided more than 100 artists, companies and partners the opportunity to create and enrich our imaginations and worldviews. Thanks to your donations, we will be able to continue to host 66 artists in residency, present 26 new productions and exhibitions, and ensure continued community partnerships through our Alliance program. By giving to MAI, you are making it possible for artists to contribute to the collective imagination while playing an important social role.

Help us reach our goal of $10,000!
I support he MAI 

To kick off this first annual campaign, I am committed to matching the first $2,000 in donations. It is an honour to be involved with this significant organization in the cultural ecosystem, and I hope this gesture will encourage you to support it as well. Thank you very much, dear friends, for your commitment to artists and creation, and to the community.

Manuel Mathieu
President of the Board of Directors – MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) Multidisciplinary artist


Picture: Talkback following Bijuriya‘s performance by drag artist and musician Gabriel Dharmoo. Kama La Mackerel (host) and Gabriel Dharmoo sit side by side and chat after the performance.


long-term engagement with associate artists

The pandemic coerced reflection for many.  Made to look consider yesterday, the present and more than likely tomorrow. What is the next Act?  Meaning by what road to we move ahead. How and in what do we invest in the future, whose future will it be?

With this in mind, MAI is honoured to announce that accompanying the organization over the next three seasons + as both associate artists and programming curators for the MAI’s 25th anniversary season are Angie Cheng, Lara Kramer, Alexandra Spicey Landé.  Each of the three artists has an extensive history with MAI through innumerable collaborations whether through creation and presentation, and/or public engagement activities.

Angie, Lara and Alexandra are partners in fulfilling MAI’s mandate and vision as the organization steps forward, and will examine the practices and policies of the MAI and make recommendations on changes to ensure the organization is accessible, welcoming, and safe for all, with anti-racism at the heart of their investigation.

MAI is committed to developing a true, balanced partnership with each of the 3 artists, the intent being to collaborate with and invest in members of the artistic community who are committed about facing and problem-solving a changed industry/community during and post-COVID, together. These three artists represent a diverse set of artistic practices ranging from installation, performance, and dance. They have all have exhibited widely whilst receiving recognition for their exceptional work as recipients of numerous grants and awards. We look forward to working with them over the next several years and it goes without saying that they will have much to add to shaping the MAI and sharing with audiences the unique contributions they make in their new roles.


© Angie Cheng

Angie Cheng: Artist in dance based in Tiohtiá:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal. Collaborative creation processes ground her ongoing research in performance; investigating the liminal space between creative process and performance event, between spectator and performer. The embodied and specific understandings that arise from these investigations shape her current questions and engagements both in her own work and with others. She has also been actively engaged in the contemporary dance community in the conversations of inclusivity, diversity and accessibility. It’s not just what we make as artists but how. She is  committed to practicing consent, respect and accessibility: care in how we are together in all that she is engaged in.

As artist and activist, Angie has been pivotal in addressing issues of cultural appropriation, and in particular in participating at critical panel discussion on cultural appropriation and systemic racism organised by the MAI in November 2017 which to date has been viewed more than 10,000 times via Facebook. In addition, she along with collaborators Winnie Ho and Chi Long, presented Seeds cast afar from our roots, a confluence of Asian diasporic experiences as part of MAI’s 2018/2019 season.


© Stefan Petersen

Lara Kramer is a performer, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist of mixed Oji-cree and settler heritage based in Tiohtiá:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal. Her choreographic work, research and field work over the last thirteen years has been grounded in intergenerational relations, intergenerational knowledge and the impacts of the Indian Residential Schools of Canada. Her creations in the form of dance, performance and installation have been presented across Canada and Australia, New Zealand, Martinique, the US and the UK. Lara Kramer was appointed a Human Rights Advocate through the Holocaust Memorial Centre of Montreal (2012) following the national tour of her work Fragments, informed by her mother’s stories and lived experience as a survivor of the Indian Residential Schools of Canada. She has participated in several residencies including the Indian Residential School Museum of Canada in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Lara Kramer is a Center de Création O Vertigo – CCOV Associate Artist since 2021.

Lara was first presented at MAI in 2011. Of Good Moral Character, an articulation of sensuality, vulnerability and rage, performed alongside Lael Stellack, was part of MAI’s 2011/2012 season, and was supported in part by Alliance, MAI’s mentorship program. In 2017 Lara curated Welcome to Indian Country for MAI as part of Eclectik where she premiered This Time Will Be Different, created with Emilie Monnet, and again in 2018 with the exhibition and performances entitled Phantom Still & Vibrations presented in association with the FTA. Lastly, MAI has partnered with Lara and Dazibao in presenting the satellite project In Blankets, Herds and Ghosts (2021).


© Shaleen Ladha

Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé is a Montréal choreographer and a major player on Quebec’s hip-hop dance scene. She launched her choreographic career in 2005, drawing her raw material from hip-hop culture, whose field of exploration she continues to expand.  As an independent choreographer, Spicey presented three works in Quebec between 2008 and 2015, including Retrospek, a remarkable piece that influenced a whole generation of Montréal street dancers. At the same time, the Bust A Move Festival, which she founded in 2005 (active until 2015), became the largest street dance competition in Canada and was co-presented by TOHU. In 2015, wishing to further her artistic aspirations and bring street dance creation to the contemporary dance scene, Spicey founded her own company, Ebnflōh. With the company, she approached hip-hop language from a new choreographic angle, at once exploratory, original and authentic, working with colleagues and peers who fuels her creative process. Ebnflōh imagines new creative processes and new ways to share its ideas about social, political and artistic issues. Spicey premiered Complexe R, a work inspired by our human obsessions, at the 2015 MAI; the show later toured to New York and Amsterdam. In 2019, she presented In-Ward, featuring six performers, co-produced with the CCOV. Her last creation La Probabilité du Néant presented by Danse Danse last oct 2021, opened their dance season.

Four times since 2008 has Alexandra Spicey Landé graced the stage at MAI with one of her works. In 2008 she presented Retrospek while in 2011, as part of Eclectik’ she created Renézance. This was followed in 2015 with Complexe R, a work that emphasized her ongoing quest to de-compartmentalize and reorder dance hierarchies. In-Ward came in 2019, and with that tremdous work came the the Prix de la Danse de Montréal, category Découverte, and In-Ward was also a finalist of the Grand Prix of the Conseil des arts de Montréal in 2020.



Alliance – Artist-support programAnnouncements

information sessions about alliance

Dessin : Thaïla Khampo

Monday June 21 (in French)

Wednesday June 23 (in English)  

5 pm – 6:30 pm


Parc Léo-Parisseau, at the intersection avenue du Parc and Léo-Parisseau 


* The park is located just north of the MAI building.

(in the event of rain, we will meet in the MAI’s café, 3680 rue Jeanne-Mance) 





Come learn about Alliance, the MAI’s unique artist-support program (previously known as the mentorship program) in the company of the program coordinator, Nayla Naoufal. This information session will cover the program’s structure, admissions criteria, key deadlines, and the various services it offers. The program is open to candidates from all artistic fields. 


Hosting 10-15 artists, collectives and companies per year, the Alliance artist support program offers participating artists with individual guidance and coordination support, in addition to providing special allocations that help remove barriers to their equal participation in the arts and cover a wide range of services related to the artists’ needs, desires and experiences in terms of learning and creation. This info session will help you better understand the program and explain how to prepare an application. 


Candidates must be members of the following communities: First Nations, Métis, and Inuit artists, Deaf, hearing-impaired artists or artists with disabilities, racialized artists (including recently immigrated artists), and/or members of the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community. More about the MAI


This project is produced with support from the Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal as part of l’Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal, and from the Canada Council for the Arts



Alliance – Artist-support programAnnouncements

alliance : 20.21 cohort

Dessin : Thaïla Khampo

MAI (Montreal, arts interculturels) is delighted to announce the arrival of the new Alliance cohort!


Conceived for artists who encounter systemic and structural obstacles, Alliance strives to eliminate barriers to their full participation in the arts. This program is financially supported by the Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal as part of l’Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal, as well as by the Canada Council for the Arts.  



Soroush Aram

visual arts and performance, in collaboration with Mandoline Hybride as part of a punctual support

Soroush Aram is an Iranian multidisciplinary visual artist working in Montreal. After completing a course in Fine Arts at the University of Tehran in 2002, Soroush developed a particular aesthetic that interweaves drawing and performative art and juggles between images of the past and dreams of the future.


Cecilia Bracmort

exhibition curation

Cécilia Bracmort is a French and Canadian artist/curator who favours the mixing of genres, transdisciplinarity and experimentation in her art and curatorial practice. Through her multifocal vision linked to her different “layers of identity”, Cecilia Bracmort’s projects create bridges between themes to which she feels connected, such as history, identity, ecology and spirituality.


Marbella Carlos

interdisciplinary arts

Marbella Carlos is a Manila-born visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. She holds an MA in Creative Arts Therapies (Art Therapy) from Concordia University, a BFA in Visual Arts (With Distinction) from the University of Calgary and a B.Ed. in Visual Arts Education (With Distinction) from the University of Toronto and has participated in artist residencies with Artscape Toronto and the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation.


Burcu Emeç

interdisciplinary arts

Burcu’s practice dwelves in care, political action and rigorous curiosity. As an interdisciplinary performance artist she blends social commentary, active listening, improvisation and visual art. Her work lives in the shifts between the highly poetic and unbearably banal, subverting codes of live performance and creating tensions between language and image.


Ahmad Hamdan


Ahmad is a Montreal-based actor who graduated from UQAM’s École supérieure de théâtre in 2017. He has performed his texts on several stages including La Licorne in the show Foirée Montréalaise. Parallel to his acting career, a storytelling and creation desire leads him to write short theatrical content.


Saba Heravi

interdisciplinary arts

Saba Heravi is an Iranian-Canadian visual artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/ Montreal. She graduated with a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University in 2019.  Her art practice is concentrated on drawing, ceramics, and printmaking. Her work explores the idea of home, memory, and identity and is ultimately an investigation of self.


Victoria May

community arts

Victoria May is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher with a career spanning nearly 30 years, and has danced for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Göteborg’s Danse Kompagni, Danish Dance Theatre, and, as an independent performer, for Danse-Cité, Louise Bédard, Dominique Porte, Barbara Diabo among other artists.


Amir Sám Nakhjavani


Amir Sám Nakhjavani (he, him) is a META-Award nominated multilingual and multidisciplinary Montrealer of Azerbaijani-Iranian origin. As a theatre artist he has worked with the Segal Centre, Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal, Black Theatre Workshop, Tableau d’Hôte Theatre, Teesri Dunya Theatre and Infinithéâtre.


Diane Hau Yu Wong

visual arts curation, in collaboration with articule as part of a punctual support

Diane Hau Yu Wong is an emerging curator and art historian based in unceded Coast Salish Territories & Tiohtiá:ke territory. She graduated with a BFA in Art History from Concordia University in 2018. Her curatorial practice and research are largely based on her experience as a second-generation immigrant and the intersection between community and diasporic identity.


Nasim Lootij


Choreographer, performer, teacher and Laban notator, Nasim Lootij left Iran in 2006 to study dance in Paris. Since 2014 she lives and works in Montreal where she co-founded the collective Vâtchik Danse with Kiasa Nazeran, dramaturge and PHD in theatre. Their sources of inspiration: the art and socio-political history of Iran, the modern currents of the early twentieth century, including German expressionism.



call for projects

Dessin : Thaïla Khampo

We are thrilled to announce that the 2021-2022 call for submissions for Alliance, the MAI’s  artist-support program is now online. Find out about the program’s unique structure, admissions criteria and our new partnerships with articule and Mandoline Hybride by visiting the call for submissions page:

Deadline: July 8, 2021

Alliance is financed by the Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal as part of l’Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal, and by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Drawing © Thaïla Kampo


clinique vivacité

Call to artists: Sign up to the Vivacité Clinic!

A group session plus six hours of one-on-one support with an experienced consultant to help you prepare your grant application!


full call and registration



workshop registration now open

Introduction to grant-writing for artists

First session October 8, 2019

This hands-on workshop is aimed at artists from all disciplines who are unfamiliar with the grants system and are looking to prepare their first- or second-ever grant application.

Organized as a series of 8 gatherings held over winter 2019 and spring 2020, this workshop will provide participants with a solid foundation in the basic elements of grant-writing in the arts. By the end of the workshop participants should have increased confidence in their own grant-writing skills as well as a better understanding of the current arts funding ecosystem in Quebec.

The MAI’s workshops are tailored to artists seeking to engage with the professional arts milieu. Workshops are open to everyone, however priority is given to Indigenous, Black and racialized artists, as well as Deaf artists, artists with disabilities and artists from the LGBTQQIP2SAA community.

Maximum number of participants: 16

* * Deadline to sign up : September 23 * *


learn more