sonia bustos


Sonia Bustos is a Mexican dancer and choreographer. She holds a Masters in dance from UQAM (2014) and a Bachelors in theatre from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (2006). She has worked with, among others, Danza Contemporánea Universitaria, Les Soeurs Schmutt, and the interdisciplinary group Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, with presentations in Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, and Austria. She dances in the solo Intérieur brut, which was created in collaboration with choreographer Élodie Lombardo and presented in April 2018 at the MAI. Sonia received a Vivacité Montréal (CALQ, CAM) grant for this project, in addition to support from the Canada Council for the Arts through the Explore and Create program.

Sonia’s interests as a dancer and choreographer are closely linked to questions of socio-political engagement as well as to a recognition of the dancer’s creative labour. Her artistic research is axed on the status of women, the third root in Latin America, memory, theatricality, and public engagement. She is also interested in video dance as a tool for evoking and questioning the ephemerality of dance.