mireya bayancela ordonez

interdisciplinary arts

A graduate of Malayerba theatre school, Mireya Bayancela’s work is focused on the stories of her country of origin, Ecuador. After arriving in Montréal in 2004, she met the stage directors Lillian Rivera and Oscar Aguirre who became her partners in the drama group CREARTE. In Montreal Mireya has also participated in several shows created by Ondinnok Theatre, including Rabinal Achi. Her work questions the notion of identity, exile and migration. She discovered storytelling working with La Source theatre, and uses oral traditions, dance and music from Ecuador. In her project Le vol des oiseaux she tells the story of the indigenous people of Ecuador, discovering in the process her need to tell those stories and to maintain oral traditions.

Mireya is a member of the Ballet de danses traditionnelles de l’Équateur, which allows her to stay close to her roots and to continue sharing her culture with future generations. In 2013 she gathered with a group of artists at the Immigrant Workers Centre in order to talk about conditions of displacement and to raise awareness. She is currently exploring and documenting her new project on forced teenage pregnancy in Ecuador.