meryem saci


Meryem Saci is a singer, songwriter, emcee and performer. Lead singer in the group Nomadic Massive since 2005, Meryem is currently focusing on her solo career after releasing her first solo project,  “On my way”, in summer 2017. Upbeat, fun, and moving, this mixtape bridges influences from both sides of the Atlantic. Over the years Meryem has collaborated with many international artists such as IAM, and been featured on movies and TV series such as Omerta, Derapage, Lance et Compte, and Art of More. In addition to performing over 40 shows a year, as well appearing at conferences,workshops, and voiceovers, she juggles her time between her solo project and Nomadic Massive with the aim of creating her own unique image and sound. In 2018 and 2019 Meryem will be following the rhythms of her upcoming European and Latin American tours and dedicating time to her upcoming singles and solo EP.