letícia tórgo


Letícia Tórgo is a writer, dramaturg and translator, as well as the founder of the production company Da Gaveta (in Brazil) and Dans le Tiroir (in Québec). Although she developed a rich literary career in native Brazil, in 2014, Letícia began to write in French and English in Montreal. As a dramaturg, she has worked on the productions “Somos ici”, presented at MAI in 2016 (with Florence Bobier); “Disquiet”, with the Black Theatre Workshop’s Artist Mentorship Program in 2017; and “Saudade”, presented as part of Festival tout’tout court in 2018. As a translator, Letícia has developed a Portuguese version of the Canadian theatre show “Siri” (Glassco Translation Residency, Tadoussac) in 2016 and translated Pascal Brulleman’s “Petite Sorcière” from French to Portuguese. As a writer, Letícia is drawn to the field of autofiction, especially to the relation between mother and daughter.  Her newest project, Entre les langues, is inspired by her experience of living, writing, and dreaming in different languages.


Image : Alline Ourique