lenore claire herrem

interdisciplinary arts arts interdisciplinaires

Lenore Claire Herrem is a multidisciplinary artist from Saskatoon-based in Tio’Tia:Ke/Montreal since 2013. She has training and a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Saskatchewan, and currently works in a variety of digital formats including animation, web series, portraiture, and graphic design. Precious Puppies is one of her larger current projects, encompassing an animated series, clothing brand, zines, stickers, and other hand-crafted merchandise. The series began as experimental mini-episodes in 2018, and in 2020 she produced the first full season of the show. She is currently in production of the second season, with the aid of MAI’s alliance program. The Sandy Bridges Show is another multi-faceted project of Lenore’s, produced as both a web series and live event. Sandy Bridges has been an alter-ego of hers since 2009- emcee, stand-up comedienne, lifestyle coach, and more. Lenore is also a community events organizer and co-founded Taking What We Need in 2015, which is a grassroots fundraising and community organization for Montreal’s low-income transfeminine community. Taking What We Need is an informal  volunteer-run community group dedicated to helping trans women, trans-feminine (AMAB) and two spirit people get what they need through discretionary funding.

Photo Credit: Sarah Rainville