katey wattam

Katey Wattam is a recent graduate of McGill University’s Drama and Theatre program and has worked on over 20 theatrical productions and films. An interdisciplinary artist of mixed settler and Anishinaabe ancestry, Wattam approaches theatre as a way of mining her and other bodies for their “blood memory,” uncovering experiences and traumas (past and present) for the purpose of reclaiming and decolonizing bodies, minds, and spaces. In 2017-2018 Wattam prepared a staging of Quebecois queer indigenous self-taught artist, creator and writer Jovette Marchessault’s one-woman show, Night Cows. Deep, lyrical, sensuous, fabulous – Marchessault’s voice becomes, in Wattam’s hands, an ecstatic force, one that turns conventional images of women inside out and opens onto a feminist vision of the future.