cécilia bracmort

visual arts curatorial

Cécilia Bracmort is a French and Canadian artist/curator who favours the mixing of genres, transdisciplinarity and experimentation in her art and curatorial practice.

Through her multifocal vision linked to her different “layers of identity”, Cecilia Bracmort’s projects create bridges between themes to which she feels connected, such as history, identity, ecology and spirituality.

Through her artistic and curatorial work, she wants to open the door to other perceptions of the world to emerge, to encourage people to think outside the “white” box and to invite them to see the world from new angles.

In 2019, she curated the exhibition Reclaming My Place at Warren G Flowers Art Gallery at Dawson College, showcasing the works of artists Shanna Strauss, Cedar-Eve and Sharon Norwood and calling for greater visibility of BIPOC women artists in the arts community. Supported by Alliance in 2018-29, this exhibition will be presented again in 2021 at Lethbridge Center. Her new Alliance project aims at improving the visibility of her profile in the visual arts scene and refining her communication skills.