bahar taheri

visual arts arts visuels

At the centre of Bahar Taheri’s work is a critical reflection on current affairs in society. The social and historical context in which she grew up has had a significant influence on her work. Originally from Iran, Bahar grew up in Tehran. Besides her curiosity and fascination with history, the experience of living in a region beset by political and cultural conflict leads her to trace the roots of these events across time.

Bahar’s choice of medium differs from one project to another, depending on the concept, though she mainly uses painting. Aesthetics and beauty play an important role in her work and she devotes special attention to detail and ornamentation in keeping with her culture baggage.

Bahar’s previous projects have addressed issues of gender, identity, collective memory and the manipulation of the mass media. She is currently conducting research on architectural structure and its relationship to power and religion.