ariana pirela sánchez


Ariana Pirela Sánchez is a choreographer and dancer who holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a Major in Audiovisual Arts from Andrés Bello Catholic University in Caracas. She began her dance training at Escuela Taller de Danza in Caracas, Venezuela, and then pursued her professional training at the Quebec Dance School. Based in Canada since 2011, she works as a performer, choreographer, researcher and dance teacher, in addition to collaborating as a cultural journalist and dance critic. She has participated in many residency programs, including RURART (2018 – Cookshire-Eaton) and Center Q (2015, 2016, Quyon) where she studied with Tedd Robinson to deepen her choreographic work.

Recipient of two Première Ovation grants, two L’OJIQ grants and one CAMP-iN grant, she also presented her choreographic work in Montreal at the Festival Vue sur La Relève, Cuisine Ta Ville and Phénomena Festival; in Mexico at the CAMP-iN Festival; in Toronto at the New Blue Dance Festival; in Sherbrooke at RURART; and in Quebec at the Symbiose Festival. Ariana has also participated in various workshops in Québec, Montréal, Los Angeles, Mexico and in Spain. Her artistic process is imbued with a constant inner quest. She is interested in the mixture of forms to create a dialogue between small and physical gestures, dance, music and theater.