alexandra templier

Alexandra Templier’s artistic approach draws on philosophy, theatre, and singing – both lyrical and cante flamenco. With the project Los Niños son Inocentes#1, she tackles the question of confidence: where can true speech be found today? Whose words can we still trust ? What can we base our own self-confidence in – and hence our action – when we feel so powerless amidst the current socio-political context?

Intercultural in its making as much as in its content, Los Niños son Inocentes#1 combines musical styles and references familiar to North American audiences (jazz, electric guitar, audio programming) with a theatrical narrative and a series of striking elements : flamenco singing, extreme sounds, and deeply-felt texts. The goal: to break with the noise of the everyday, to create silence in the spectator and so return to what is essential.

Alexandra Templier’s work is guided by the desire to turn the stage into the site of a non-denominational religious experience in which the voice has pride of place. Los Niños son Inocentes#1 is a cathartic performance that stirs optimism about the Human and “this beauty that can save the world.”