Call for submissions

call for proposals - justice

Justice is a digital project conceived for a trio of makers (video, sound artists, writers). Each commissioned video will have two soundtracks – one created by a composer, and one written and narrated by a text-based artist. Through use of a QR code, viewers/listeners will have the capacity to choose either soundtrack at any given time (presented both outdoors and online). For Canadian residents only.

MAI is looking to support a total of four teams of artists in producing and sharing their audio and visual works. Artists can apply collectively or individually. The teams will have three artists each: video, sound artist, and writer. Artists are encouraged to apply as a trio, but this is not mandatory – if artists apply individually or as a pair, they will be paired with other artists through a suggestive and collaborative process. 

The works are to focus on the theme of justice – visions of a better future, greater freedom for all, racial justice, queer liberation, disability justice, combatting homelessness, however you understand, enact and see justice. What does justice mean/look like/feel like to you? Where do you desire justice in the world, how do you hope justice will come about? What are you or others doing to create and pursue justice? 

The works will be presented such that the viewer/listener can choose to experience the video and audio clips separately or together, in whichever combination and order they choose. Each production by each team will be presented consecutively over the course of several weeks, both digitally and through projection. A QR code will allow for listening variations. 

Each work is to be 3 to 4 minutes long (video, musical score/composition, and narration). Each artist will receive a commissioning fee of $5,000. 

Deadline for proposals is December 1st, the projet will take place in Mars 2022


The application should include:

-Description of the project (500 words max.) and how it approaches the theme of “justice”.


-Supporting material (video, sound, text, excerpts) VIEW/LISTEN LINKS ONLY (no downloads)

Applications are to be forwarded to: [email protected]

Questions can be directed to Jean Grünewald to the same e-mail as above.