As a true artistic incubator, the MAI plays an important role in the creative process of artists. It offers residencies, both over a period of days and weeks, to help artists hone their artistic projects and explore potential venues for them. It allows a project time to grow and to arrive at a finished product. All of this is offered in a well-equipped space that lends itself very well to creation.

These residencies are held either in our studio rehearsal spaces and/or in our performance spaces (theatre or gallery).

Theatre / Gallery

We periodically offer residencies to artists and companies as part of our programming. As a result, an artist can familiarize themselves with the lieu, appropriate the space and explore or test their process while having access to all necessary technical material. These scheduled residencies can last from two to four weeks. The space, and technical services (for up to eight hours a day), is offered without charge.

Please refer to the theatre and gallery rental pages for more information.

Rehearsal Studios

Studio spaces are available to artists when the MAI cannot offer residencies in our performing spaces, or if a project is either in its initial phase or simply needs a brief period of refinement. 30 to 80 allocated hours can be offered, depending on availability and if the project is in concordance with our intercultural mandate.

Please refer to the dance rehearsal studio and theatre rehearsal studio rental pages for more information.

We also review residency submissions for projects that are not featured at the MAI, though admission is dependent on availabilities and if the project is in concordance with our intercultural mandate.

Residency submissions can be made at all times by writing to the following address.

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