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The Whole Beast (2008)

Su-Feh Lee // battery opera

March 15 - 18, 2012

March 15 to 18, 2012

‘‘Brainy and bawdy are words that kick around in your brain when you think about battery opera. The Vancouver-based wife and husband duo of dancer/choreographer Su-Feh Lee and writer/composer David McIntosh have made messy, marvellous works that jumble text and dance and music, and riff on subjects like cock fighting and sea wrecks. ’’
Vancouver Sun, 2008

The Whole Beast, which had its world premiere at the Antipodes, Festival des arts interdisciplinaires (France), is an organic work that echoes body memory. A most extraordinary interior voyage that connects the body’s various systems — organs, skeleton, muscles — to the soloist’s real or imagined stories. The act of taking nourishment — eating, destroying, and creating — becomes the vital source of a new language. An autobiographical tale and quest for identity, this work pushes the artist to examine the contemporary body at the cultural and linguistic crossroads.

Su-Feh Lee and David McIntosh, convinced that the most exciting art is found at the intersection of form and tradition, founded battery opera in 1995. For these co-creators, based in Vancouver, a great show is an experience that transcends the traditional limits of dance, theatre and action, transforming the space, the body, time and finally, the spirit. Their symbiosis gives birth to a complex work in terms of ideas and imagery, solidly anchored in contemporary expression even if inspired by ancient sources and influences that transcend cultural boundaries.

In 2003, Su-Feh Lee, originally from Malaysia, was awarded the Alcan Award for Performing Arts in Dance for the choreographic work Cyclops.

Su-Feh Lee

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