El Silencio de las Cosas Presentes

Eduardo Ruiz Vergara (Montréal)

April 6 + 7, 2018

La Ruche
Créations en résidence

A performative dance centered around the multi-sensorial sharing of the intimate, El Silencio de las Cosas Presentes reflects on haptic sensation and pain. As personal stories and memories course through their bodies, a displacement of perception and corporeal strangeness modulates the gestures of the performers – Eduardo Ruiz Vergara, Sophie Levasseur and Marie Mougeolle. Backed by an immersive sonic landscape – Nathan GirouxEl Silencio… evokes a polyphonic song that is at once disconcerting and familiar.

Choreographer, performer and teacher, Ruiz Vergara has produced some twenty pieces since 2001. His doctoral project at UQAM is focused on “corporeal poetics and the world of feelings.”

Orchidée jaune

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