Tu ne te retourneras pas

Chittakone Baccam (Montréal)

November 3 + 4, 2017

Under the stage name Hazy Montagne Mystique, Chittakone Baccam delivers compelling performances that draw audiences into meditative lunar atmospheres and noise. With Tu ne te retourneras pas, the sound artist explores his Laotian roots and the experimental practice he has developed here in Québec. (espace) Using distortion, transformation and sampling, Baccam has created an audio-visual performance that gleans from his family archive of audio cassettes recorded by his grand-parents, and compilations of traditional Molam music. Tu ne te retourneras pas, evokes the ever-fading memories of a country left behind.

Chittakone Baccam is an active participant in Montreal’s experimental music scene, supporting through his co-founded label Jeunesse cosmique the creation of over 100 productions.


Performances : 3 + 4 novembre

18 $ Série création bourgeonne


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