• Eyes Water Fire. Drawing (2015). Tomoyo Ihaya © Tomoyo Ihaya

  • Phantom Limb. Installation (2015). Shyra Desouza © Latitude 53, Edmonton

A Paradigm of Fusion

Tomoyo Ihaya (Vancouver) + Shyra De Souza (Calgary)

October 26 – November 25, 2017

Vernissage : Thursday, October 26 – 5 p.m.

Expressions of exile, protest, and compassionate witnessing dialogue with a sculptural assemblage that queries our relation to mass-produced material culture in this poignant two-person exhibition.

Eyes Water Fire
Tomoyo Ihaya (Vancouver)

«By massing and repeating her small, simple visual motifs, Ihaya compounds their impact, creating work of surprising power and complexity.»

Tomoyo Ihaya’s Eyes Water Fire, comprises videos, mixed-media installation and small-and large-scale drawings that record the artist’s longstanding engagement with the lives and struggles of Tibetan refugees in northern India.

Originally from Japan, and now based in Vancouver, Ihaya holds an MFA in printmaking from the University of Alberta. She has returned to India more than a dozen times since 2005, establishing close friendships with members of exiled Tibetan communities.

Fleur d’abricotier

Bliss Points
Shyra De Souza (Calgary)

«De Souza named the piece Phantom Limb, because all the objects we create in this world are a part of us, and though we try to discard them, they are still out there and connected to us like phantom limbs.»

«A very peculiar sculptural installation»

Bliss Points, by interdisciplinary artist Shyra De Souza is a vertebrate-like span of reworked and melded second-hand objects that bring viewers face to face with De Souza’s strategy of “mimetic exacerbation”.

Currently based in Calgary, De Souza has screened and presented her work in Canada, the United States and Europe. In 2016 Oboro (Montreal) commissioned and presented her Vestigial Manoeuvres, a room-sized installation composed entirely of objects found in local thrift shops.

Rose sauvage

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