La forêt noire

Anna Jane McIntyre (Montréal)

September 14 – October 14, 2017

Vernissage : jeudi 14 septembre – 17 h

In La forêt noire, Anna Jane McIntyre offers a multimedia installation examining memory and human nature through an abstract soundscape, shadowy printed forest and surreal hunter’s cabin. Visitors will wander through a dusky environment replete with incomplete tales, hints, secret messages, homages, symbolic crossroads and cultural musings.

Anna Jane McIntyre is an artist with a playful practice that combines storytelling, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, performance and micro-activism.

Her work investigates how people perceive, create and maintain their notions of self through behaviour and usual cues, and is an ever-shifting visual mashup of British, Trinidadian and Canadian cultural traditions.

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