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Fernando Belfiore (São Paulo, Amsterdam)

14 + 15 avril, 20h


Canadian Premiere

Check your 0s and 1s at the door, open your xin (“heart-mind.”), and take leave of your expectations. Fernando Belfiore’s latest solo creation is a spine-tingling, genre-bending journey to the underground of modern technology, culture and religion. Using light, voice, movement, ritual, and a smattering of mutable props, Belfiore uncovers a frenzied world, changing, unstable, and incandescent. A work of tenderness and verve, AL13FB<3 tugs at the alchemical heartstrings of the western tradition, making room for forgotten, waylaid, and yet-to-be born visions of renewal.

Fernando Belfiore is a Brazil-born, Amsterdam-based choreographer and performer recognized for the intensity, energy, and visceral quality of his works. He searches for challenging new forms of engagement within the audience’s bodily experience and choice-making. Belfiore currently teaches movement research at the School for New Dance Development and since 2011 has been Artist in Residence at Dansmakers production house in Amsterdam.

Performances : 14 + 15 avril

25 $ Tarif régulier
17 $ – Groupe (10 +)


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